Hello everyone!

I will be putting my knit/crochet projects here

Crochet/Knit Projects

Granny Squares January 3-4 2023

January 3, it was my mom’s bday and we had so. much. food. Thoughts on crochet: I did this while watching the Niners game. Very distracting (cuz we were winning) but even with the mistakes I feel like I did good January 4, it was raining. This was before I realized that there was a…

Granny Squares: January 1-2 2023

Originally, I wanted this blog for a creative writing outlet. It was supposed to motivate me to write after graduating from university. However, I slowly stopped writing creatively and began to indulge in my other hobbies: art, gardening, and crochet and knit. This year I decided to challenge myself with a big project: a weather…