Granny Squares: January 1-2 2023

Originally, I wanted this blog for a creative writing outlet. It was supposed to motivate me to write after graduating from university. However, I slowly stopped writing creatively and began to indulge in my other hobbies: art, gardening, and crochet and knit.

This year I decided to challenge myself with a big project: a weather blanket

I have done hats, scarves, bags, doilys, baby dresses and amigurumi but I have never made a blanket.

So why not document this journey here?

The rules are as follows:

Follow the coloring according to the high temperature and the low temperature and by the weather. This is in Fahrenheit.

I also have to make a new granny square each day.

I am currently following this playlist

This is going to be a big project and I am already behind.

Here are my squares for January 1 and 2

January 1
January 2

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