Introvert in a Social Setting

I sit in a coffee shop and paint

Trying to evoke emotion from a stagnant image I drew days ago

The coffee shop is where I go for a comfortable alone time.

A place filled with noise and people, a place where I can be alone without being completely alone.

My own refugio

However, I forget that this is a place of socialization


A couple sits at the table behind me

The woman strikes a conversation, complimenting my art. A perfect segue to talk. An opening

She is pleasant, put together, and clean

Her stance sparks confidence from within

We engage in shallow conversation: not because of the woman, but because of my own reservations

I am guarded

My family is riddled by the self employed.

I’ve seen the hustle.

“You fail the moment you don’t try”

And marketing and recruitment is a big part in the word “try”.

I try to keep my ears sharp.

Trying to pick up on any key words: “future”, “retirement”, “take control of your life”.

They are present in her and her husband’s conversations. Her husband picked up another chat with a stranger in another part of the coffee shop.

As our conversation came to an end. I decide to eavesdrop

Another chatty couple engages with them

And I discover that the couple is from out of state.

So I sit here wondering

Was this an attempt at recruitment?

Or was this an example of how social people make friends?


  1. I always wonder what those friendly people think of me when I can’t carry my end of the conversation… stupid? rude? unfriendly? I should really just tell them that my mind goes blank and my ears hiss.

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