All the possible paths to take…

I saw this sign on the road to the hospital, and it made me laugh.

Out of all the things they could have defaced, out of all the ways they could have defaced, they chose this sign and that red spray paint.

An image so simple, yet had caused my brain to pause

As my own car had paused at the red of the light

I had paused at the red of the paint.


I saw a sign of stagnicity on the dust collecting on my pens and paper and journals.

As books lay untouched

As pens’ ink dried and coagulated

As my blog remained bare of any new content


I saw a sign to continue in that red question mark of defiance

There is no “one way” to write

No “one way” to run a blog

No “one way” to publish yourself


So here I am,

Writing with the audacity of red spray paint

on a small blog that doesn’t live up to its name.

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