a poem for Bharti

Kind soul, loved with every inch

she gave. Seeking the best

interest of others

in words, in actions

till the very end.


Her mother said she was love

love radiated from the family’s words

love in the memories recounted

dipped with love.

Love sparkled in their eyes and dripped out from their mouths

A pool of love created

came from Bharti.


It was for Bharti. Bharti is love.

Love now tinged in sorrow.

Sorrow floating across the hearts of many as we mourn with all of you

Now tell me why a person who radiated love had to leave this earth so quickly?


ten people who shone so brightly were snuffed out prematurely to the echoing of incessant music

ten families will forever be scarred and no form of justice can ease the pain of love lost.

ten pairs of eyes will never open. ten sets of lips will never smile.

An atrocity came and went. And what now in the aftermath can we do?

What form of justice can mend these broken gaps left by the permanent absence of ten people?


Bharti is love. Ezra is love. John is love. Brianna is love. Jacob is love. Franco is love. Axel is love. Rudy is love. Madison is love. Danish is love.

And that is one way we can make them live forever.

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