things overheard

“I grew up out East. I loved it there.”

“And then? If you were so happy there, why move here?”

“Well, the woman I love lives here. That’s what happened.”

“No, no, no, no! You don’t date a guy from there, they’re all filled with such machismo and will treat you like shit. Take Carlos, Carlos. You know what he said to me? To me? He threw away the plate I made for him because it tasted nothing like how his mami makes it. To hell with him then! He can make his own food!”

“If he really cared for you, he would have put more effort.”

“And that’s what the mind does to you. It makes you feel things. It makes you experience things. People might think its some holy experience, but it’s not. It’s the mind.”

“You would tell me if something was wrong, right? I did not raise you to be beaten by a man.”

“Yeah there’s guys that want that, man. Some guys want to get married. Heck, I want to get married.”

“Don’t you ever look at a person on BART and just think, you know, you might never see or be in their lives ever again.”

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