you texted me out of the blue and said words I never expected to come out of you.

I rest my head under an ill fit pillow

Speaking softly about my day.

Enjoying the comfort found in the act of covering eyes


I whisper love into the covers

praying to God for the lives of those I interact with.


I can pretend I am a saint

Adorned in white sheets and an angelic voice

But I am tainted with wanting


I would take your hate and wear it around my neck.

Would you let me carry this burden for you?


My pillow is filled with rocks

I place it over my head

And trust it won’t crush me.


your words are lead filled.

And each utterance pierces my soul


I long for the blankness of half closed eyelids

And for the buzz of a clear mind

But somehow your sudden message messed me up. And I am thinking of you again. Even though I thought I was ready to move on and start searching for another. Did I mix pity with love? Or should I consider myself to be the more pitiful one?


  1. My pleasure, Ana!🌝
    Have been enjoying your work for quite a while, now.
    I’m not very good at commenting on poems, to be honest.
    (Though I also left a message on your contact form (feedback) about another poem
    (“touch starved”), recently.
    Not sure if you saw that one?)

    Liked by 1 person

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