My Friends Are An Infinite Playlist: Bryan

“Margarine (feat. Alayo.)” by Richy B.

Friendship is a strange thing. Under normal circumstances we would not have been friends in the first place, especially considering you are an East Coast Guy, and I will forever be a California Girl.

However, I blame our friendship on two things: the fact you were an acquaintance of a former love interest of mine, and the fact that we are both weebs.

It was perhaps a year ago.

I was slowly recovering from being obsessed with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure — with the main antidote being to consistently spam my Instagram story with Jojo memes — and you were one of the people to actually respond to it.

From then on we bonded over anime and good music.

Whenever I was in a music slump, I would casually text you and you would show me a world of amazing good vibes and beats, this song being my favorite of them all.

Today as I was walking my dog, I perused through my playlists trying to pick a song to sing to in my head. I wasn’t in the mood for my usual so I went straight to the playlist I so creatively titled: “Vibes”.

This song came on and it was on repeat for the remainder of my forty-minute walk.

I smiled and my mood was uplifted as I walked to the beat, my mind drifting to the one person who showed me this tasty snack of a song.

It reminds me of you.

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