My Past Lovers Are Mixed-Tapes

“She Was Mine” by AJ Rafael ft. Jesse Barrera

If any song could describe the reason we did not end together it would be this one.

We never really had a song to begin with. The one song you dedicated to me, you got sick of. You took it back and said we don’t have a song anymore.

But at least this specific song explains what happened between us.

I used to think that long distance relationships were reasonable. For instance, how can my soul mate conveniently live in my local area when there are billions of people on this planet? Who’s to say that “the one” I’m supposed to be with is supposed to live within ten miles of where I reside? Isn’t it reasonable to think, that with technology now, it is possible to be in love with a man who is 3 time zones away?

I thought it was possible, and at one point you did too. But like this song, it just did not work out.

Over time feelings fade, the wait becomes too long, our dreams become unrealistic, and money was an issue.

And up until the very end, in my eyes you were mine… at least I believed you were.

That is why

This song reminds me of you.

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