Tipsy poem

I write head throbbing

In solid straights 5/8 time

My my my my all my love

Has shut their eyes Clean of me

you with dirty hands wipe my face

Longing for a sharp longing for

Feeling in my throat solid strings

Connected to those asleep half hearts

You look in my dreams like a handsome dealer

Why am I so attracted?? To a faint word.

Because then you then actually want me then right?

Because I am painted red. Head throbbing. Heart wanting. Eyes wet. And body warm

I will use your arms as a blanket even if they fall off.

Because I know I am ugly yet you make me want me to fly

Yet your flight for me imagined I am a whisper

Ignored and slighted and still and meek

I will fly away with my nonsense so you can find peace.

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