Endless Cosmos Recitation

Endless Cosmos Recitation

I wrote this poem to combat my carsickness on a 3-hour road trip. I texted two friends to give me a word as a prompt, one of them suggested “Endless”, the other “Cosmos”. I then picked a random poetic form (by closing my eyes and pointing to a list) and landed on the Villanelle. Thus, “Endless Cosmos” was born.

I was heavily influenced by the music I was listening to. To be specific, I was fixated on two albums: La Dispute’s “Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair”, and Copeland’s “Ixora”. The music, combined with the turmoil I felt with a prior relationship, allowed for me to write this cute little piece right here.

Endless Cosmos

Let the cosmos guide us in a careful dance

To the depths of the endless blue skies

Let us take advantage of this blissful chance


Altair and Vega shine in their distant romance

Despite the shimmering river cutting their cries

Let the cosmos guide them in a careful dance.


As we lay together in a flowery field entranced

By the scenery‘s orange hues and yellow dyes

Let us take advantage of this rare chance


After many doubts, cannots, and “I can’ts”

our hands held together beaten by countless tries

Let the cosmos guide us in this final dance


And though my “I love you’s” are lost in an expanse

leaving my tears empty and my throat dry

Let me take advantage of this hopeful chance


after many years I know your final stance

I am not prepared for any goodbyes.

Let the cosmos guide me in a distant dance

Let me take advantage of this hopeful chance.

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