Update Post: Name and Blog Change

Hey Everyone!

I feel the need to write an update on where I plan to take this blog in the future. In 2019, I viewed this blog as an outlet to write prose poems and short stories. Back then, I considered those two forms to be my strongest and I wanted to nurture that talent. However, it has become evident that I am more into freeform poems rather than prose considering that the short stories I have hoped to write are nonexistent. So I changed the name of this blog from “A Prose a Day” to “Anaphora”, in reference to the rhetorical device (but more because I am kind of self-absorbed since I really like that it has my name, “Ana”, in it lol).

I will continue to be writing and creating, and as my own literary tastes and writing abilities evolve, this blog will be sure to change along with me as well. I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop so that there isn’t any confusion. I don’t think it would be practical for me to post prose every day — or post every day in general. Sticking to the true creative spirit cliché, I will be writing whenever the urge hits me. You will still see traces of “A Prose a Day” (since I am still in the process of transferring).

Thank you for following me on my creative journey! I appreciate my readers a lot. For I don’t write just for my own quiet enjoyment, but for others as well.


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