A Question

May I ask if you still find me beautiful, like on that September day

Faces blue from the aquarium

Hands held and hearts shaking

I once drowned in your eyes; the pits that once led to your heart

I lived there.

Floating through your mind.

I was swimming in them. Hoping to soak in the feeling of a first date

What changed? The sun sets and new birds sing

Let me be the only one who sings for you

mouthing the words to a song—

dedicated but now retracted

— I no longer claim it as mine.

As if a quiet incantation can summon the wanting

Can you hear it?

Just one warm look from you melted the scars on my body and made me clean.

You smoothed all the edges with your words, for I was once a stone cast aside, but you polished me and named me precious.

So I shined only for you.

And just for you.


But do you still love me the same?

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