Body Image

Like most women, I get doubts about my body. I am constantly bombarded with nagging thoughts such as: Am I too big? Am I pretty enough? Do I look ok?

As I grown older I learned to care less if I look good or not. I remind myself that I am not the most beautiful woman in the world and I never would be. BUT I know that I am attractive enough to not break mirrors whenever I look at them.

This may sound corny, but inner beauty is timeless beauty. I may look attractive today, but tomorrow something might happen to change that. What endures is in the heart and not on your skin.

Though, I do still want to look beautiful. It’s just hard sometimes to remember that I am beautiful in my own way. There are instances where I don’t feel attractive at all. Like when I see a bad picture of myself or when I see myself next to someone skinnier than me. It happens.

Reminders for myself:

1. I am a woman, I’m no longer a little girl. I won’t get my teenage body back. I have curves. I store fat in my thighs. I have stretch marks. This is fine. This is normal.

2. Someone out there wants my body type. Just like how I wish I was skinny and fit and the “correct” kind of curvy, some weird soul wants to have the physical traits that I have. Which trait? I don’t know. I’m just assuming because I find everyone beautiful in their own unique way. Maybe someone sees beauty in me too.

3. Do I feel healthy? Exercise to feel healthy not to fit a social beauty standard. Take care of your body to be healthy. Love your body.

4. Stop staring at the mirror and have fun. Don’t be too self conscious. The people who you need are the people who genuinely care for you despite outward appearances.

5. Your self worth isn’t based on attractiveness.

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