My Friends Are An Infinite Playlist : Brian

“1985” by Bowling for Soup (original by SR-71)

We were on our way to Amy’s baby shower. Erica was in Arizona for a con so that meant that we would get to spend some quality time together since I was the one driving.

I was kind of nervous. I’ve known you for years but I don’t think I’ve ever spent one on one time with you till now. I was excited for this opportunity to get to know you more.

On our way back I played my music and this song popped up. To my surprise, you freaked out.

“I LOVE THIS SONG” you said as you continued to sing all the lyrics (a feat that I can’t even accomplish). You haven’t heard this song in forever. I smiled, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of you.

I was enjoying hearing you sing (even though secretly I was a bit scared because I had no idea where I was driving and we were a bit lost but you didn’t need to know that).

Before, this song reminded me of Warped Tour and when Bowling for Soup laughed at the crowd because people thought that they were the original singers of the song.

But now this song holds a lot more meaning.

It reminds me of you.

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