My Friends Are An Infinite Playlist: Monika

Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald

“Summertime… and the living’s easy.”

You sang the words randomly. It didn’t matter if we were in our singing class or my car or simply chilling outside. You sang it strong and passionately.

“Do you know that song?” You asked me.

“No, No I do not.” I answered

You were surprised. “But that song is everywhere!”

Maybe for you, I thought, but this is the first I’m hearing of it.

We took a singing class together and I watched your voice grow. We went from joining the wrong singing class (that was scary, everyone was so good and they already knew each other!) to learning how to control our vocal muscles while we sang. By the end of the class I was impressed by how beautiful your vibrato turned out to be.

It felt good to be involved in music again. Especially after breaking up with my ex (who was my main source of music for years) I am really grateful that you were there and that we took that class together.

Now whenever I hear Lana Del Rey’s “Doin’ Time” I get a bit annoyed. It is because I liked the original better. I liked how you sang it best.

It reminds me of you.

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