My Friends Are An Infinite Playlist: Erica

“Roxanne” by The Police

We were total dorks in high school. Let’s admit it. We were sitting in the back office of the art room because we were the favorites of Ms. Schrampf.

You were introducing me to a drinking game. “You see,” you said, “When he says ‘Roxanne’, that’s when the girls drink, when they say ‘red light’ that’s when the guys drink.”

I was nodding in agreement. I was eager to try a drinking game. “Let’s try it” I said.

Of course, we were High Schoolers in High School so we didn’t have actual alcohol. Plus we are also pretty nerdy and our parents would kill us if we actually attempted to sneak some in. So we just used water. We used bottle caps as our shot glasses.

We stared at each other intensely without saying a word as we listened to the lyrics.

“Roxanne…” (I believe I was the girl in this scenario and I took a sip?)

“Red Light…” (This is where you took a sip if I am remembering correctly)

We continued this until the song ended. I remember being perplexed. “So this is what people do in bars” I remembered thinking. (I was so naive)

Every time I hear this song now I laugh. I think of you. I think of us in high school. Both of us with our thick framed glasses and dorky smiles. About our conversations about fluffy and cuddly (our code names for our crushes). About the stressful yet nostalgic years as teenagers.

This song makes me happy.

It reminds me of you.

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