My Friends Are An Infinite Playlist: Camille

“Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low

We were on the bus in middle school when you showed me this song. This was back when I copied Kuya Nikko’s lead and thought that rap was better than rock. However, you proved me wrong. I listened to this when I moved back to California. It was on repeat on my iPod Shuffle when my dad and I drove 16 hours to my Uncle’s house. I was leaving everything behind. In California I had no house and no friends, but I did have this song and my memories of my friendship with you.

I would constantly think about the meaning of this song. Did the girl die or did she just simply leave on an airplane?

This question stayed on my mind even in high school when my boyfriend at the time tried to perform this at a talent show.

He didn’t do the song justice.

This is one of the few songs that I memorized by heart. I can sing both the male and female parts (though not at the same time).

Every time I listen to it I can see the Vegas sky darkened by storm clouds and illuminated by lightning. I can smell the dust and the stale acrid musk of the wet roads.

It reminds me of you.

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