The Search, The Answer, The Island (Revised)

Sprawled out

a log beaten by waves

letting the current take away


it was time to sail

kissing gray as you ventured,

as you desired.


In search of the island of your need.

What boat can suffice?

What carriage you burden?


Your legs carry across land, your body shifts against water.

The dead ocean swallows. Now Swimmer, gasp in, go under.

There, the Voice clears. Decipher demon calls


Where are you going?

They demand

But how to explain


The taming of the storm inside, the desire drinking the sea?

It is my personal conquest, you say, the calling of the tempest within me.

The Voice pushing through water


bubbles against your skin,

They swirl around. Beginning to bitter speak:

Why, Our Lost Swimmer, why?


There is nothing for you to gain

Stop this nonsense, O Foolish Swimmer, your spirit’s growing faint.

I cannot control it, you spit, it’s too late to stop,


I cannot be restrained.

How can you stop a wave from crashing?

Or expect my foolish heart to obey?


Please help me on this journey,

you pleaded jagged breath

I cannot live dependent on stagnation


to kill my passion for security

I’d rather end up dead.


Wait, Swimmer, for their answer

What covered your eyes?

challenging death deep’s disguise?


The Voice trembles through ocean

Raging, bites the salted grave

Crushed hands holding firm


relentless glinted gaze

you broke the strained lull

Please, you begged, I’m helpless against the waves,


The Voice broke laughter

And a sudden flare hushed within

The cold fear settled into throat


And dry doubt started to kick

We’ll help you, Stubborn Swimmer,

Though not for pity, but the stars within your eyes


Your body lifted through depths

Your lungs inhale sudden night

And there in the distance, the Island!


You ventured through dark waters

Each stroke closer yellow shores

Till a voice rang out


Stop! The Island cried, don’t come any closer.

Its voice a trill

But, Island. Precious Island, I have waited for this day. I challenged the depths to find you.


Lost my way, left my home… please let me take refuge in your embrace.

You wanted to say. But you didn’t say.

The voice was conviction.


Who were you to deny? What soul can trespass another’s right?

There’s no argument. No fight.

Turn around, Tired Swimmer, back to the depths

The Island was never yours

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