A women’s role is to wait. Or at least that’s what I’ve learned in literature and in some anime’s that I watched. We wait for the main protagonist to kill the bad guy and everything is good again. Or we wait for him to finish his ambition so that afterwards he can settle down with us.

I thought this was just some silly trope of the past. A convention that we are breaking now in our “girl power” filled media. But I noticed that I’m doing the same too. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come and be with me. Waiting for our chance to be together so that I can hold his hand again.

How ironic that I fell to the same fate as those women. I don’t regret it, however. I will be better to be someone he is proud of. I’m betting it all on him. Even though I feel really sad and lonely now because of this social distancing. I want to spend more time with him but long distance relationships aren’t exactly easy.

Nothing left to do but wait. In the meantime, work.

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