The Island

You ventured forward through the dark waters, Swimmer,

And with each stroke came closer to her yellow shores

Till a voice rang out, halting your pursuit

Stop! she cried, don’t come any closer.

I do not want you near. Don’t walk upon my face.

Please just go, erase this place from your mind!

But, Island. Precious Island, I have waited for this day. I challenged the depths to find you.

Lost my way, left my home… please let me rest with you, Kind Island. Let me take refuge in your embrace.

You wanted to say. But you didn’t say.

For in her voice was conviction. Was it the same as the depths saw in yours?

Who were you to deny her? What soul can trespass on another’s right?

There’s no argument. No fight. As to what had to happen next.

You turned around, Tired Swimmer, back to the depths, to chase the sun,

The Island was never yours to claim.

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