The Voices Answer

You waited, Swimmer, For a word, a beat, a reply

What came over you, My Simple Swimmer?

To challenge death in deep disguise?

Their voice trembled through the ocean

It raged and bit the salted grave

Yet, still you held firm, your relentless glinted gaze

you boldly broke the strained lull

Please, you begged, I’m helpless against the waves,

Just point me in any direction, and I will deftly go

The voices broke into a laughter

Though not one entirely at your expense

And a sudden flare ignited from within

The bursts of strangled hopelessness

The cold fear settled into your throat

And dry doubt started to kick in

For what if you’ll never leave this place? What if you’ll never see your island?

We’ll help you, Stubborn Swimmer, came their sweet reply,

Though not out of pity, or any other obligation

For we saw the stars within your eyes

Then your body lifted through the depths

Your lungs took in sudden night air

And there

out into the distance

Was the island of your desire

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