The Search for a Voice

You’re sprawled out like a log beaten by the waves

letting the current take you away.

it was time to sail the sea.

You kissed the gray as you ventured,

as you desired.

In search of the island of your need.

But what boat can suffice? What carriage shall bear you as it’s burden?

Your legs brought you across land, your body will shift you against water.

The dead ocean swallows you. Now Swimmer, gasp in air as you go under.

There, you can hear the Voice clearly. You can decipher its demon calls

Where are you going?

They demand

But how can you explain to them, Swimmer?

Your need to best the storm inside you, the need to drink the sea?

It is my personal conquest, you say, the calling of the tempest within me.

The Voice pushes your body through the water.

It bubbles against your skin and knocks you breathless to you knees,

They swirl in circles around you. They begin to bitter speak:

Why, Our Lost Swimmer, why?

There is nothing for you to gain

Stop this nonsense, O Foolish Swimmer, your spirit’s growing faint.

I cannot control it, you spit, It’s too late to stop,

I cannot be restrained.

How can you stop a wave from crashing?

Or expect my foolish heart to obey?

Please help me on this journey,

you pleaded jagged breath

I cannot live dependent on stagnation

And to kill my passion for security

I’d rather end up dead.

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