18 into 1

I love that brown 

skin covered 

by that red shirt. 

The slanted eyebrows

like whales. 

move them in waves 

it’s the sea. 

but I still carried your mothers in a pouch so that you can grow in my love

walking over the broken fence, skipping across the railroad tracks, tripping over rocks to get there. I followed you, and your footsteps to get to the hill. to see the sun set over the bay.

Of course, I tore you from your mother and planted you in dirt, in a pot where another one of you had died. 

I laughed at you 

all the time.

Was that on 


Why do you look 

so tired nowadays? 

Have you always 

been this tired? 

Your smile 

stretched – 



Don’t smile for my sake. 

I moved you several times… 

I don’t know why you picked this place. this location is much prettier than most you have taken me to. I would have loved to see more… Do you think if we went out to more scenic locations, you would have still loved me?

I just know that I will take care of you now. 

Your smile is

a liar. 

you have 



less emotional, 

less responsive, 


Who took care of you before I carried you away? Her sons did not want you. You remind them of their dead mother.

I did not think what we had was beautiful at all. I pretended to be sad, for your sake. 

but don’t worry now, my child, I brought you home. And I will nurse you until you are grown. 

But you are too

logical to believe


over and 

over and



facts are iron clad.

I just want to work hard so that I can build a house for you.

I wanted to smile. you wanted to get rid of me. 

Just let me sink into the sea and you can be on your way…

when will i

see you again?

smile genuinely 


talk non

sense to me-


I will 

wait and 

wait and 

wait for 


I’ve made up my mind.

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