Fountain Pen Club Buddies

What got you into this hobby?

 I ask them over the sound

of the speakers, over the sound

of rapid chatter,


da da da da

high school musical

da da da series.

Paulo got me into fountain pens.

She yelled, holding

my phone close to her mouth.

He would later do the same,

as more people greeted us, telling us to get food

They had pasta out that day

The pasta was straight fire

Or so they say

with happy faces and more chatter.

He said over their voices

I randomly stumbled upon it on Reddit

…and I was into calligraphy before…

I saw people collecting pens I was like, whoa cool!

…and I just thought it was really pretty

she yelled it into my phone.


I didn’t realize pens had a whole different world of

of style

of what you call purposes and

the movement is just so


seeing the ink flow softly onto the page

it is very satisfying to write

…It makes me feel productive and I just like how pretty it looks…


having different combinations

of inks

and styles

of nibs

I would like to use the moonman pen but…

and customization you could have when you’re picking out pens

and the smoothness

The moon man…

and what not

…so I just borrow it.

and what not

so it’s nice to be able to really hone your pen to how you like it

I think the freedom

…of not being afraid

what to write

…of not being afraid

and expressing yourself in a personal way

with no judgment

and you can just be able

to write how you feel

and be


and once you put it on paper  

so lovely

the sensation of writing.

with journaling

I could just go crazy on the page.

I don’t know. I’m just different

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