What is my language?

I can only speak one. I have no native tongue, only the American one that has been implanted into me. Yet my ears know of words that my tongue fails to shape. I have learned to hear but haven’t been able to speak. Where is my own language that has been lost to me? Why is it that I can only speak one? And the “foreign” language that I was forced to be belongs to the one who had enslaved my ancestors for 300 years, why is it that I know more words in Spanish than I do Tagalog, or Cebuano? I have nothing to pass on to my future kids, if I have any. They will be like me, mute and deaf towards their ancestry, only carrying their heritage on their bodies, but only faintly. All traces of my parents’ country will be gone.


  1. I know two languages. My parents language which is native and the foreign language, the British English since I come from a third world country and we happen to be once ruled by the British several years ago.

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