My high school teacher once asked, “Is there a way, without making physical contact, to tell if a person loves someone?” We tried answering, but to our small high school minds we were stumped. How does someone show love without kissing, or hand holding, or hugging?

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that there were ways to express it. It was the labor of love. How much can a person give through action to show that they’re in love?

There’s two things that we are limited on: money and time. And love is expensive because it drains both of these assets. Who do we spend our time with? How much attention and priority are we giving them? Are there other things, or perhaps people that we are paying more attention to?

I remember my boyfriend broke up with me because my time was spent on school and work. Who was I dating? The English Department? My homework? My email?

No, I was dating you. I love you. But because of my schedule. You didn’t feel it.

Love is expensive, and that’s why it’s called “mahal”.

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