We laid down on the wet grass, cuddled in close for warmth. The campfire went out, it was too late for games and laughter. It was time to gaze at sky. We weren’t used to it. A site that was blinded to us by the city. Our eyes usually directed at the light gave off by the screens. We admired the light that blanketing the dark sky in small specks. We watched the stars and we sang to them. If we sing to them perhaps they’ll fall, and we will be able to witness it. We thought this logic together. For some reason, they really liked the Jonas Brothers. Either that, or we really were just out of tune. We watched them dance for us. One by one. We counted them. Let us end our watch on a big note. We agreed. But we didn’t want to go into our tents that night. We didn’t want the night to end. It was summer.

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