SF Bound Train 11:37AM

Just another Monday, I wait for the train and gaze over peoples heads to see when the train will arrive. There’s a guy in front of me. He’s fixing his bun. He looks at me and points to his hair. I take off my earphones to hear him speak. Does it look ok? He asks. Yeah it look alright. I answer. He then proceeds to undo it because I said it just looks alright and it needs to be better. I tell him I don’t really do buns so he’s asking the wrong person.

The train arrives. I board it and sit on the right side, intent to take a picture of the bridge. The guy sits on the left and his friend comes. I’m kinda shocked at what they said. I hope it is some kind of foul humor. His friend spoke saying that it’d be so easy to sell a girl for a night and make 5k. For 8 hours of sex, can you imagine. He says. He asks his friend what country would he go to to take 5 girls to sell. It has to be a country with an airport. Ethiopia the guy says. They have an airport? His friend says.

I’m disgusted. I freeze and keep looking at my phone. Kind of delirious from overhearing this conversation. I’m uncomfortable. I’m the only girl on this train. I get out at my stop and walk without looking back.

I hope they weren’t serious.

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